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The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Garden Party by James Trickington

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Must say I do like actors who genuinely enjoy their time with fans. 
See I met George Lazenby (one of the James Bond’s) & he’s a great guy but he didn’t really do much smiling or laughing. 

But Hamish & Andy who i’ve met twice, I loved that, they were so grateful to the fans.  And as was David Suchet who I met today. He was such a lovely man, smiled, laughed, joked etc & to me that’s just what I like, actors who are genuinely happy to meet their fans.

Super happy right now!! Just met David Suchet (Hercule Poirot). If I’m honest I’ve watched him as Poirot on TV probably longer then any other show.

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anna running around the forest in her wedding dress like the adorable princess she is (◠‿◠✿)

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The Golden Trio - first and last scene together.

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→ Summer 2014-15 weather forecast: Bushfires, heatwaves and severe heat

I know we’re a bit way off proper summer yet, but it is starting to heat up a lot. Just leaving this warning to fellow Aussies though to stay safe.

Keep checking these things coz they are important. Have a bushfire plan ready & all know what to take in case of a fire. Given how bad Aus bushfires usually are remember that if you see a catastrophic that means you HAVE TO get out of there, i’m pretty sure it’s compulsory, like you literally have to leave.

Not only fires though but just stay hydrated throughout the day, wear sunscreen, hats. Don’t think of it as purely good tanning weather. Again though, we do still have time before this proper intense heat kicks in but already some fires have started places & I think just as a general warning it’s better to be prepared.

same software, different case

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That went well

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Steve Carell: "I think, at least the way I feel about the character, is that he has a decent heart; he’s a decent person, and he’s just trying his best.”

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